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Pediatrics Services

Our pediatricphysician offer special care to child related diseasesand injuries.We diagnoses, treat and help prevent children’s diseases. We also examine children regularly to assess their growth and development. Treat children who have minor illnesses, acute and chronic health problems, and growth and development concerns. We also administer vaccinations, provide preventive healthcare like hygiene and nutrition.


We help our patient protect, restore and maintain their oral health. Our Dentistry Unit diagnoses and treats diseases, and administers care to injuries and malformations of the teeth, oral tissues and the mouth.Promote oral health and disease prevention. Monitor growth and development of the teeth and jaws. We also perform surgical procedures on the teeth, bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity.


We give immediate medical attention to severe, acute physical injuries from a car accident or gunshot wound sustained by individuals.

Accident and Emergency

Our accident and emergency unit is well designed, staffed and equipped to treat injured people and those afflicted with sudden illness. We specialized in emergency medicine, acute care of patients who present without prior appointment; either by their own means or by that of an ambulance. Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance, we provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life threatening and require immediate attention.

Eye Care Services

we offer the full spectrum of eye care to our clients. We offer specialized care for people who have lost vision from eye disease (our low vision rehabilitation clinic), children with vision therapy and pediatric clinic) and patients with challenging contact lens or glasses needs. We strive to give every patient a personalize, pleasant eye care experience in a professional atmosphere. We offer full spectrum of care to patients of all ages, from children to older adults: vision tests, corrective laser eye surgery, immediate attention for eye emergencies and so much more.


we offer professional treatment to all kinds of musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis, certain autoimmune diseases such as lupus, antiphospholipid syndrome, scleroderma, osteoporosis gout, back pain, myositis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, vasculitisetc that affects our tendon, ligament, bones and muscles. Our rheumatologist examines, diagnoses, oversees a treatment plan that will likely include medications, regular exercise, a healthy diet, stress management, and rest.

Maternal and child health care

Improving the well-being of mothers, infants and children is an important public health goal of the hospital. Their well-being determines the health of the next generation challenges and can help predict future public health challenges for families, communities and the health care system

Ear, Nose and throat

We offer a wide range of services in our ENT unit which among them include:  determining the cause of hearing loss, identifying risk factors for hearing loss, hearing and balance, swallowing and speech, breathing and sleep issues, allergies and sinuses, head and neck cancer, skin disorder, facial plastic surgery and evaluating and treating ear problems.

Digitalized X-ray Services

We offer routine x-ray investigation on the following: Chest, skull, cervical or neck, upper and lower extremities, pelvic abdominal x-ray etc. We also perform investigations on Hysterosalphingography (HSG), Barium studies Enema, swallow, meal and follow through, Intravenous urography (IVU), micturatingcystourethrography (MCUG), Electrocardiography (ECG)

Ultrasound Investigations

We perform the following investigations: Obstetric scan, Abdominopelvic scan, Breast scan, Thyroid scan, Scrotal scan.

Other Services Include

  • Accident and Emergency
  • Eye Care Services
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Breast Cancer Examination
  • Automated Laboratory Services
  • Digitized Xray Services
  • Maternal and ChildCare Services
  • Creche
  • Ear, Nose , and Throath (ENT) Services
  • Mortuary Services
  • HIV/AIDS Services
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Orthopedrics
  • Life Ambulance Services
  • Rheumatology
  • Gastro Enteralogist
  • Anambra Health Insurance Scheme
  • National Health Insurance Scheme



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